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Application of high pressure cleaner in cleaning of railway tank car
分类:Technical information 时间: 2020-11-03 11:42

Using high pressure flushing equipment railway tanker can achieve the goal of water, steam, reduce pollution, but in the northern region winter cleaner piping congelation occur easily, affect the normal use, DE jie antifreeze condensate improvements by means of high pressure cleaner, obtained the good effect of antifreeze condensate, ensure the normal use of high pressure cleaner in winter.


Railroad tank car

Oil loading before the railway tank cleaning is an important measure to ensure the quality of oil products, the railway tank cleaning is divided into general washing and special washing two kinds, according to the relevant quality requirements of general washing as long as the extraction of residual night, cleaning and wiping without impurities, special washing is needed for steam and water washing. The special washing process used in the past is: Extraction raffinate, artificial derusting, blowing the displacement of 45 ~ 60 min, steam heating, artificial cleaner scrub, fresh water irrigation, sewage, blow drying, adopts the model of the washing process, washing time, steam, water, cleaning agents and other consumption big, caused certain pollution to the environment, the worker labor intensity, work efficiency is low. And adopt high pressure cleaner for cleaning railway tanker, steam car per section 0.7 t, every year, 2000 t, 3000 cars calculation can save steam water saving is around 0.9 t per car can save water, water saving nearly 3000 t, and no longer use potions washing the car, can reduce detergent, bamboo brush, mop, shao broom, washing time greatly reduced, It takes 3~4 h to wash 24 cars and 8 people, but it can be reduced to 1~2 h by using high pressure water, which can improve the efficiency, reduce consumption, reduce labor intensity and reduce environmental pollution.

Although the use of high pressure cleaning machine has many advantages, but in the northern region, the winter weather is cold, the outlet pipe of the high pressure cleaning machine is DN10 high pressure hose, the pipe diameter is fine, the pipe length is about 22 m, such as water stored in the pipe or pump, it is easy to freeze the hose or plunger pump, not only cause losses, and affect the normal washing, the problem is very prominent, On the other hand, low water temperature in winter will also affect the cleaning effect. Therefore, in order to use high pressure cleaning machine in northern areas, it is very important to solve the problem of antifreeze.

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