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Service thought


Professional Service Team

The company has a product R&D team and an experienced technical support and after-sales service team.。


Provide timely and convenient after-sales service for customers. The company has served more than 20 well-known domestic brands, and customer satisfaction of products are maintained at a high level in the industry.

Strict Service Standards and Perfect Service Measures

The company has perfect technical support and after-sales service system. In order to ensure the quality of after-sales service, we have established a series of service specifications, and regularly conduct standardized education and technical training for every employee to make them serve customers efficiently.



Organization Guarantee of Operation and Service System

Members of Product Operation and After-sales Service Department are responsible to the group leader, the group leader is responsible to the Department Manager, and the Department Manager is responsible to the company leader. Line management and unified management are adopted to ensure the smooth operation of each product.

One-stop Service Idea

After-sales website query, appointment service and consulting experience can give you one package service before and after sales and face-to-face disassembly and installation in one-stop way. Having after-sales service and buying products at ease is our service purpose.


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